Hi, I’m Sóldís!

I’m 27 years old and originally from Iceland, currently exploring Croatia. I have a huge passion for traveling and in 2020 I quit my 9-5 job to pursue my dream of exploring the world & live a more adventurous life. I was convinced there was more to life than spending 40 hours a week in the same office, doing the same things – day after day after day.

Up until 2020 I had lived in Iceland pretty much all my life. I had traveled a lot and lived abroad for a
short period of time, but was always based in Iceland. I did my last semester of university as an exchange
student in Australia, I did two summer school programs in Slovenia and have done lots of backpacking.
Once I started traveling, there really was no turning back. I knew this was the kind of life I wanted.

My life hasn’t always been full of traveling and adventures. After getting a degree in business in 2017,
I got a job in Iceland, and it’s safe to say my life was headed straight down the 9-5 path. Not because I was
dying to spend my life in an office, but because I hadn’t realized that there were any other options.
I now make a living by investing and trading stocks. Since this can be done from anywhere, I have the freedom
to be wherever I want <3

I love the excitement and uncertainty that comes with traveling. On this blog I want to share
my travels, tips & experiences with you, hopefully to inspire you to chase your dreams.