Best Cafés to Work From in Valencia

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Valencia is a popular destination for digital nomads as well as students. Having lived in Valencia for extended periods of time, and being the coffee fan that I am, I have tried a lot of different cafés. One thing to understand about Valencia, and just Spain in general, is that many cafés don’t allow the use of laptops. It’s also pretty common for cafés not to have wifi. Cafés that are not laptop friendly will often have a sign that explains this – but not all. If you’re unsure whether or not you are allowed to use your laptop, make sure to ask before you order as many places are very strict on their non-laptop policies and will tell you to put it down immediately. So with that being said, here are the best cafés to work or study from in Valencia.

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1. Dulche de Leche

This one is my go to. Dulche de Leche is perfect for when you want something sweet. Although they have some sandwiches and juices, their main focus is cakes and pastries. They have a few location throughout Valencia, one in Rusafa (my go to), one in the center and a third one close to the Arts & Science center. Laptops are allowed from Monday through Thursday – and they are strict on that.

2. Café ArtySana

cafés to work from in valencia

A very popular spot for coworking, and for a good reason. They have two locations in Valencia, one in Rusafa and another one in Cabanyal. In my opinion it’s the perfect spot to have breakfast or lunch – they have stuff like salmon bagels and a whole lot of sandwiches. Then of course the typical juices, coffees and pastries – including some vegetarian options. Café ArtySana is very popular among digital nomads, and it’s often packed with mostly people working or studying from their laptops.

3. Brunch Corner – La Virgen

cafés to work from in valencia
cafés to work from in valencia

Brunch Corner is an aesthetic café located in El Carmen. As the name suggests, they focus on brunches. They have a variety of bagels, pancakes, sandwiches, cakes and whatnot. Using laptops is allowed during weekdays only.

4. Jungle Por Favor

This one opened quite recently in the Arrancapins neighbourhood. It’s a small cozy space with a lot of flowers, offering salads, sandwiches as well as coffees and juices. For those that are vegan – they do have some vegan options!

5. Starbucks

starbucks valencia
The view from the second floor from Starbucks on Passeig de Russafa

You can always count on Starbucks when it comes to laptop friendly cafés. They have two locations in Valencia, both in the center, one on Passeig de Rusafa and one on Calle Sant Vicent Mártir.

6. Fornelino Russafa

A perfect option if you aren’t looking to have a full meal. Fornelino’s main focus is croissants – the Nutella ones are my favourite! They have other types of pastries as well as coffee. Fornelino is located in the middle of Rusafa as well as on Peris y Valero, which I’d say is usually the more quiet of the two.

7. Flying Bean Coffee

This one is one of my favourites – it’s located here, just a short walk from Rusafa. The avocado toast and the cinnamon rolls are my go-to’s, and the coffee is great. It’s a really cozy place and in my experience it’s usually pretty quiet.

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