I am happy to work with brands and companies that offer products or services that are of value to my audience.
Be it content creation or promoting a product or service on my blog or Instagram account. 

I like to inspire and encourage people to explore the world by giving them valuable tips & sharing my favourite destinations, experiences as well as accommodations. 

I am passionate about sustainability & minimalism. I’m all for second hand clothing and just about any alternatives to single use plastic. So I’m also happy to discuss collaborations that are in line with those values.

As I want to provide my audience with honest opinions & reviews, I only promote products/services I truly love. I therefor reserve the right to not promote a product/service if I don’t like it.  

If you think your brand or company will be a good fit with my audience, please send me an email at contact@soldisalda.com to discuss the details. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,