Your Digital Nomad Guide to Split, Croatia

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If you are a digital nomad looking for your next base, Split is a great option. Located on the Adriatic coast, it’s a mix of modern and ancient history, mostly known for its UNESCO listed Diocletian’s Palace as well as its beaches. Split is also surprisingly affordable, compared to many other European cities. There are lots of things to do in Split, and it’s also a gateway to some of the most picturesque islands in Croatia. Not to mention national parks such as Krka National Park and Plitvice! Now that you’ve had some insight into why you should consider choosing Split as your base, here is your digital nomad guide to Split.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that may earn me a small commission should you click through and make a purchase (at no extra cost to you)

Practical information

Let’s start this digital nomad guide to Split with some practical info! Croatia has recently joined the Schengen Area and has taken up the Euro instead of Kunas.

Currency: Euro
Visa situation: Croatia is a part of the Schengen Area. Croatia offers digital nomad visas which allows you to stay up to one year, all info about the digital nomad visas can be found here.
Language: Croatian is the official language, but English is widely spoken
Debit/credit cards: Both debit and credit cards are widely accepted, however, some places have a minimum spend of a few Euros when paying with cards. Although cards are widely accepted, I would advise you to always carry a small amount of cash, just in case.
ATM’s: Avoid the Euronet ATM’s at all cost, those are the most expensive ones to use. Only use ATM’s from actual banks, OTP banka has been my go-to as I’ve found they have the lowest fees.

digital nomad guide to split
Hvar is one of many beautiful Islands that are only a short boat ride away from Split!

Why Split is an ideal destination for digital nomads

There are many reasons to choose Split, Croatia, as your next base.

It’s pretty affordable

Although not as cheap as many of the Balkan countries, such as Albania and Bosnia – Split is relatively affordable compared to many Western European countries. This is especially true when it comes to accommodation, well, except for in the high season (July and August) where prices in Split, as in most of Europe, are at an all time high. I would advise you to visit outside of those months, not only because of the high cost, but also because it gets incredibly crowded.

Croatia is incredibly safe

Statistically, Croatia is incredibly safe, and that is very on par with my experience there. I never so much as felt uncomfortable, even walking around late at night by myself, I never felt unsafe.

It’s easy to get around

Traveling around Croatia is easy, regardless of whether you are planning to hire a car or use public transport. The roads are great and there are plenty of buses that will take you around the country. Here I have a full post about how to get around Croatia.

Plenty of things to see

There are plenty of things to see and do, both in and around Split. There is of course the old town, plenty of beautiful beaches, as well as the many islands that are just a short boat ride away. Click here to read my full post on things to do in Split.

English is widely spoken

Unlike many of the other Balkan countries, such as Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia – English is widely spoken in Croatia. You are therefore unlikely to experience problems due to language barriers.

Where to live in Split

Where in Split you want to live will depend on your preferences. For those wanting to stay close to the beaches, I’d recommend checking out Firule and Bacvice. If you want to stay in the middle of the action, the old town would be ideal, but it is also the most expensive area. I stayed in Firule for 6 weeks and really loved that area, it’s really close to the ocean and you have lots of cafés and supermarkets within walking distance. I have also stayed in Bol, between the Joker Mall and the old town, which was also great as it’s more affordable than the old town but only a 10min walk away.

Accommodation in Split, Croatia

This digital nomad guide to Split wouldn’t be complete without a guide to securing accommodation. Finding places to stay in Split is easy, that is apart from the high season months, July and August. As for the rest of the year, I’ve found it’s easy to find affordable accommodation. To give you an idea, I paid around €800 for a modern one bedroom apartment, about 10min walking distance from the old town, in October of 2022. I have always used Airbnb to find rentals in Split and have had really good experiences. You can also find long-term rentals on Booking, which, due to the increasingly high fees on Airbnb, might be a cheaper option.

Below are a few suggestions for really nice apartments with amazing reviews!

Here is a beautiful, recently renovated studio apartment, right next to the old town
This is a gorgeous two bedroom apartment, located right in the heart of the old town
Here is a modern one bedroom apartment in Bacvice, close to the beach and the old town
Here is a nice studio apartment with balcony, located in the old town
Here is an amazing one bedroom apartment in Firule, just 200 meters from the beach!

Apart from Airbnb and Booking, you can find apartments to rent through Njuskalo and in Facebook groups. I’ll link a few active Facebook groups below. If you are planning to rent through Njuskalo or Facebook, always be cautious as, unfortunately, there are lots of scammers out there that are ready to take your money and run. I would highly recommend you to not pay anything until you’ve seen the place in person, which might require you to book a few nights in a hostel or a hotel to begin with.

Facebook groups that you can use to find rooms or apartments to rent:

Split Home rent

Digital Nomads Croatia Housing

Croatia apartments

Digital Nomads Split Croatia

Coworking spaces and cafés to work from

There are plenty of laptop friendly cafés in Split, as well as a few coworking spaces. Having spent a few months in Split as a digital nomad, I’ve tried a whole lot of cafés, here is a post covering my favourite cafés to work from in Split.

These are a few of the coworking spaces in Split:

Re.Split Coworking – located in the center of the University Campus.
The Work Coworking – located in the Firule neighbourhood
ScapeUp Coworking – located close to the University Campus
Smartspace – located in the old town

I hope this digital nomad guide to Split has answered your questions about living in Split as a digital nomad. Having spent close to three months in Split as a digital nomad, I can highly recommend it as a base for other digital nomads. It’s an incredible city with lots to see and do.

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